Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does this help me use the 7 Triggers?

    In our work training sales and marketing organizations on the science of influence and persuasion, we found that our most successful client companies built their own persuasive communication archives—statements and questions embedded with “triggerized” talking points.

    The Persuasionizer makes it easer than ever to build and use your own archive of persuasive talking (or writing) points.

    The Persuasionizer not only makes it easy to build your most persuasive talking points (called “elements” in the system) through guided input prompts, it then serves as a fast and convenient way to select which points to use for each and every customer encounter.

  • How would this tool work in a team environment?

    Corporate sales organizations may wish to involve the marketing department in helping to build out the system’s Offer Trigger elements, which reference and describe brand, product, and service-related attributes.

    When used by both sales and marketing, The Persuasionizer can become a unique remedy for the common challenge of getting teams that are too often “siloed” on the proverbial same page regarding facts, features, benefits, and key messaging.

  • Is this like a CRM?

    Unless your CRM has been extensively customized to align with your selling process, or if you use the “notes” section in a highly pro-active way, the data in such systems is principally administrative. It doesn’t help you make the sale.

    Persuasionizer data is only about helping you make the sale.

  • My information is highly confidential – is it safe?

    The information you submit to The Persuasionizer is confidential and secure. We use industry-standard encryption for data transmission and storage. You retain all rights and ownership of your information, and we never expose your data to any third-party.

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